International Forwarding

UVK provides complete range of international logistics services on FTL/LTL road, railway, sea and air transportations, including multimodal freight forwarding around the world:

  • Export-import door-to-door deliveries
  • Storage, handling and accumulation of consignments in ports
  • Complete freight management and customs clearance of all types of cargos
  • FTL, LTL, FCL, LCL transportations
  • Managements of air freight from 1 pallet up to 120 tons
  • Transportation of serial-condition cargos
  • Direct deliveries to the West and East-European and CIS countries
  • Transportation and customs clearance of personal belongings

Our benefits

UVK respect

We respect every client. We appreciate our customers’ time as high as our own, so make every effort and experience to make a delivery as quickly as possible and comfortable.

UVK multitask

UVK demonstrates high performance in each area of activity across all the spectrum of logistics services. We offer high-quality solutions for storage, transportation and logistics services for your business.

UVK cooperation

UVK actively cooperates with major logistics centers abroad. The developed network of partners worldwide ensures prompt delivery of goods from anywhere in the world.

Openness in cooperation

Openness and ability not to hear but listen to every customer and improve the level of trust makes a large company really successful. This is our main goal.