Fulfilment and Value-Added Logistics

Fulfilment and Value-Added Logistics

Within the range of logistics services, UVK has provided since 2001, the company also renders value-added logistics services, such as:

  • Assembly of promo-units, stickering, labeling (at commercial and bonded facilities)
  • Re-packing of goods
  • Assembly of promo-units of any complexity
  • Branded packaging of promo-units
  • Stickering of single product unit
  • Insertion of various leaflets
  • Labeling of promo- and product units
  • Documents Carriage System (Consignor –> Consignee –> Consignor)
  • Integration of a Client’s and the UVK’s accountancy systems

Our benefits

Minimizing the risk

We provide comprehensive list of logistics services and provide customers with additional services that minimize various risks, including those that associated with customs clearance of cargo.

UVK synergy

We provide our customers maximum efficiency in all the processes. We try to bring them to perfection. We make sure that accumulative effect of several factors -is more than their simple sum.

Process of automation

We offer customers our extensive technical capabilities and streamlined technology that automate the delivery process and dispatch of goods.

UVK emergency

Integrated logistics solutions – this is not just a complex of infrastructure and separate processes. UVK company offers to experience all the benefits of a systematic approach to logistics on economical grow of your business!