It’s been 15 years since the first transportation operations have been fulfilled by the team united around UVK Ukraine brand which passed its way from a young and ambitious player to one of the leaders in the logistic market. This way was only possible thanks to our clients, colleagues and partners whom we would like to express our gratitude today.

First of all, we would like to thank our clients who have always trusted and continue to do so today. In our turn we offer not just services, but rather solutions that best take account of the clients’ needs, and we are glad that our efforts make a positive effect on the results achieved by thousands of Ukrainian and multinational companies. Many thanks for your trust!
We are very grateful to our team and each person being a part of it and having contributed to the advancement and development of the company. We have managed to raise the leadership banner of the UVK and have been proudly carrying for many years.

We are also grateful to our partners, the majority of them being transportation companies, but also represented by many other spheres. It’s with your help that we have become who we are. Thank you for your contribution into our success!

UVK’s anniversary is a great opportunity to recall all the good that we have experienced during these 15 years, to thank those who have contributed to our success, and to more on towards the new horizons, But it is also an opportunity to make a small pause and simply enjoy this great moment. We are already 15! Hooray!

UVK Team