Under the project, orders from different suppliers for one distribution center are consolidated using a special service and delivered to the distribution center in high priority mode. Shipments are carried out according to a schedule that has been previously agreed between suppliers and the respective distribution centers.

Priority delivery of consolidated deliveries of goods from suppliers significantly reduces queues at the distribution center, speeds up the reception of goods and has a significant economic advantage. Consolidated deliveries allow suppliers to significantly reduce their delivery costs, eliminate waiting in the distribution center, and increase the frequency of deliveries.

The networks themselves also see the benefits of such cooperation, because within the framework of the FAST LINE project, the priority reception of goods has a clearly defined schedule, time interval, absence of queues and delays.

Large national retail chains are already joining the project. With a number of networks is the final stage of negotiations. Therefore, now suppliers can deliver their goods to networks such as Silpo, ATB, BILLA, Auchan. Most of UVK’s regular customers have already appreciated the benefits of the new project and applied for priority deliveries to the distribution center.

The company plans to actively expand the project. Invite other retail chains to it. The expansion of the project will provide guaranteed high service and benefits to all participants: both to suppliers and directly to retailers.

Find out all the details of the new project on the site fastline.uvk.ua

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