Just-In-time – now these words are not only the slogan of our company, but also a call for a quick response to changes in work, communication and hygiene!

Starting March 12, the company took measures to ensure protection against the spread of coronavirus infection. Clients, partners, employees in all corners of the country were informed about the adoption of a number of decisions. Some employees transferred to a remote mode of operation; we conduct temperature control of each visitor at the entrance of logistics centers using non-contact instruments for measuring body temperature. In case of detection of elevated body temperature to the level of 37.2 C and higher for visitors to logistics centers, we refuse the visit and offer to postpone the meeting to another day; when detecting an increase in body temperature in truck drivers, we provide it with a medical mask and gloves to prevent the spread of the disease. And also, in the case of a driver’s disease, we will promptly notify his management to take further safety measures in relation to his health.

We also decided on enhanced hygiene: all sanitary and storage areas for public use are provided with disinfectants, and the personnel cleaning and processing warehouse and office areas are transferred to an enhanced mode of operation.

Our employees are provided with medical masks, and the transport that delivers them to work and takes them home is transferred to the regime of no more than 10 people in 1 bus.

We try to be ready for any development of events. We are company of strategic importance both for our team and for UVK partners, as well as for customers and their clients, who immediately shall get goods and food products they need in retail stores, for which we provide services in warehouse and transport logistics.“No panic -says Alexander Pitenko, CEO of UVK. Let’s do our job wisely in a very coordinated way”.  As always, we do guarantee high level of all logistic services we provide. Our logistics centers operate without changes in the schedule. We are glad to see you from 8.00 to 21.00 (Mon-Sat), as well as all our managers are available by messengers, e-mail and phone.

Be healthy! Take care of yourself and your families! Be healthy! Take care of yourself and your families!