Summing up the year, it is important to note qualitative changes in the teamwork and service level of the company.

Over the year, we have qualitatively improved the performance of operational services. First of all, it was noted by our customers. Thanks to regular satisfaction surveys, we have received valuable advices. Some of the clients requests have already been implemented, which significantly improved operational performance indicators.

Openness of our customers and their willingness to develop together allows us to achieve synergy effect and implement ambitious projects.

The company this year has been constantly transforming and shifted to new work standards. Thanks to optimization of the personnel structure, organizational changes and small groups interaction the efficiency of the company has significantly improved.

Our renewed mission – “Assistance to Clients developing their businesses through professional logistics” – sets tasks of maximum efficiency for the employees. We focused on improving work quality of each employee. We started updating the corporate CRM platform, launched a “virtual office”, and conducted trainings for effective teamwork and stress reduction. We would also like to highlight launch of the “Distance Learning System” as one of the methods of personnel development.

We want to emphasize that operational improvements have occurred due to increase in the efficiency of each employee and maximum digitalization of the processes.