Our partners have their own remote workplace – the online service “My UVK”. It is not just an “office” – the range of capable opportunities in RW to submit applications and monitor their implementation is very extensive. Now the remote workplace has become even more comfortable for each specific user, depending on its tasks.

First of all, the function “The Distribution of roles” was implemented. Now, from the entire list of all RW capabilities to different employees of one company-user, depending on their duties to interact with “My UVK”, individual settings of the workplace will be available. In fact, in the client’s office, you can manage several workplaces, the most suitable for each one.

The second innovation is the built-in feedback form. Now you don’t have to send emails and call a manager – you can ask all questions and get answers to them right at “My UVK”. Among the RW functions the search for shipments is available in many ways: the shipment number and the initial order, the delivery date and status and the address of the recipient. Now the address validation system is integrated to reduce the time for searching the right address.

Changes have affected not only the functionality of “My UVK”, but technical support. RW has been transferred to a new modern platform. The system is built on the modern technologies, which provides a high speed of data processing and credibility.

Finally, the online service “My UVK” has an adaptive design, with great usability on devices with different display resolutions. As we are, all our Clients are always on the move to new successes, and all our tools should make it faster, unhindered and comfortable.