In 2019, the global turnover of the shipping industry was 226 million containers. In the last year alone, shipping lines have transported $ 4 trillion worth of goods. Sea transportation is in demand due to the low cost and convenient geographical location of the countries that trade. Sea transportation is an easy and fast way for import, export, transit. For example, to China, India, Turkey, USA and other countries.

The main legal aspects of sea transportation are the bill of lading, international conventions, as well as the legislation of the countries in which the transportation of goods takes place.

Where does the preparation for sea transportation begin? Preparation includes the following main stages: signing a contract and an application between the transport company and the customer. After that, the cargo is sent to the delivery line or transport agent. At the point of final arrival, the container is unloaded with the subsequent transfer of goods along the supply chain.

Despite the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and the rapid global recession in international markets, UVK is actively developing its container business and offering its customers a personalized approach to logistics. The list of goods transported by the company by sea includes consumer goods, auto parts, construction materials, clothing and footwear, air conditioning systems, industrial hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, cargo requiring temperature control.

UVK offers its customers a direct regular service for the transportation of groupage cargo from China and other countries of Southeast Asia, North and South America. Sending from ports: Shanghai, Ningbo, and Hong Kong – weekly!

The organization of import and export through the ports of Europe, through a warehouse in Warsaw, through the ports of Ukraine is at the service of clients of sea transportation. As well as a full range of related services for handling and ground delivery of goods both within Ukraine and in the international direction. Cargo insurance at the best prices. Customs brokerage and management support 24/7!

Marine logistics from UVK is an optimal ratio of price, quality, terms, and financial guarantee for the long term! However, this is not all, in order to organize the delivery of goods from regions remote from access to the sea; the Company also offers a direct container train service from China to Ukraine.

UVK is a reliable partner for 100% logistics outsourcing!

It is very easy to order a sea transportation service in the FCL or LCL format or a direct container train delivery service from UVK! One call and you will have all the detailed information! Call now: (044) 490-52-25, or leave an electronic application:!