The visit card of national logistics operator UVK in 2018 became a corporate calendar with photos of its employees responsible for the main business activities of the 3PL-provider:

• responsible storage and warehousing services;
• nationwide system of cargo delivery;
• international forwarding;
• Fullfilment and additional logistics solutions.

“We wanted to create not only a calendar branded with a logo, but also to tell about the main services, and the most important, to show people who are responsible for the quality of these services on a daily basis,” commented Denis Bondarenko, a leading UVK marketing specialist – And, on various levels – from managers to line managers. As a result, the calendar has become a mini-presentation, acquainting potential customers with the capabilities of UVK, and with members of our team.”
Despite the fact that only four employees were selected in the “fotomodel” (the calendar has a quarterly breakdown), all participated in the photo sessions. The company decided that from this year the correspondence with customers will be accompanied by photos of people who are communicating with them. Agree, it is always more pleasant and comfortable to deal with those you know personally.
“If we offer a personalized service, it should be in everything!”, – were concluded in the company.