UVK has been providing professional logistics services for many business markets and has considered their individual characteristics for over 18 years. The effectiveness of cooperation often depends on the willingness of the logistics operator to solve functional needs of a client as well as ability to offer special solutions not linked to a fix standard. It needs flexibility, customer focus, innovation. Functional platforms for retail, manufacturers / importers and e-commerce have been developed, implemented by UVK specialists and have proven effectiveness. Let’s look at them closer.

RLP / retail logistics platform

The logistics platform for retail employs modern warehouse complexes and representative offices of UVK in all regions of Ukraine. Delivery of goods provided to more than 3,000 key retail stores.

Additional warehouse processing of goods (VA services) put in place to create additional value and fulfill requirements of retail chains.

Warehouse accounting allows clearly controlling the shelf life of goods in the warehouse, and cargo delivery operated by any format: “box”, “pallet”, “document”.

The platform also guarantees compliance with the required conditions for cargo transportation: special packaging, selection of the appropriate type of transportation of goods, track&trace application.

DLP / distribution logistics platform

The logistics platform for manufacturers / importers reduces maintenance costs due to the developed UVK infrastructure. Thus, there is no need to build and operate own warehouse facilities, transport systems. It is enough to use a ready-made solution and grow up your business.

Using this functional offer, customers can optimize stocks and manage them through integration of accounting systems. Reduce transportation costs and use for its purposes the network of UVK infrastructure (warehouses and cross-docks throughout Ukraine). UVK distribution system will help reduce cargo delivery time and speed up the work cycle.

FLP / fulfillment logistics platform

For online stores, logistics is of paramount importance. Speed, timeliness, delivery of the selected product without damage – the fulfillment of these requirements is a prerequisite for successful online trading.

The UVK fulfillment platform provides a comprehensive service for the warehouse processing and delivery of goods ordered on the trading floor directly to the buyer. It provides efficient integration with accounting systems and order management of online stores.

For this functional solution, all types of warehouse processing of goods are available, including acceptance, packaging, labeling, order picking and sending them to the customer (Kiev and all Ukraine), as well as returns processing. We can also accept payment from the buyer as an authorized agent.

Choosing ready-made logistics platform as a functional solution for your business, you achieve your goals. You get the opportunity to develop your key business areas and entrust logistics to professionals.
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