The worldwide pandemic of the massive spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 infection has forced all people and businesses to change their lifestyle. When one stays at home, the other has to work with even more energy and motivation.               Logistics is a strategic part of a country’s life. The work of cargo delivery operators is often not visible, but now it is especially important. It is they who deliver food, hygiene products, and essential goods to retail chains. This is not the time to relax, because even with closed borders, restrictions on travel – logistics companies rush to distribution centers in order to bring the necessary things on time.

UVK as the leading Ukrainian 3PL provider does not change its usual principles of operation, according to the CEO Alexander Pitenko, the company does not change the schedule for receiving and shipping goods, does not limit the throughput. On the contrary, now all measures are being taken to support high turnover in warehouses, to ensure accelerated turnover of vehicles in the territories of logistics centers.

– “We have accumulated all our experience as much as possible in order to work even more productively and efficiently during the period of increased demand for the services of a logistics operator,” says Alexander.

And what specific steps did the company in the fight against the spread of infection take? 

First of all, we secured our employees and visitors to the logistics centers. These were recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: temperature measurement, the issue of medical masks and gloves, increased cleaning of the territory and public places, the use of antiseptic and disinfectants.
We have reduced the number of people in official vehicles (no more than 10 people in the bus), we have used more than 100 informational posters about the rules of protecting health during the virus – these posters are in every office and in every section of the warehouse. We also transferred office employees to work from home, use the on-line conference service. These precautions are effective and help the company stay fully operational and respond quickly to all requests from customers and partners.

– Does UVK plan to help on a more global level? Like other companies, some with money, and some with masks for example. 

– Yes, our company has already become a participant in the official fundraising campaign.  The Сlub оf CEOs and Owners of medium and large businesses organize fundraising. We took the initiative and made our contribution to raising funds for the purchase of mechanical ventilation devices, automatic test devices and other resources that medical institutions need. I think that such targeted assistance is effective, unites efforts and allows us to make the most of useful things.

– How does your team react to changes in the work process in connection with the adopted recommendations of the Ministry of Health?

– Our team is very close-knit, we have been working together with many colleagues for more than 10 years, because, as in any other situation, we have a complete understanding and adoption of all necessary measures. All employees comply with the new rules of work; our internal communication has remained at a high level. Technical capabilities allow you to quickly exchange information, keep in touch 24 hours a day. A crisis is a difficult test of an internal corporate culture for strength, ethics and the willingness to be different sometimes. We are all right with this. I am glad that the team is a powerful foundation, no matter what.

How did the company solve the issue with the transfer of employees? A ban on travel in transport is introduced, how does your staff arrive at work? 

– We are a large logistics company focused on cargo deliveries throughout Ukraine. We are a strategically important link in the supply chain of food products, essential goods in more than 3,000 outlets throughout the country.
We asked government agencies for special permit for company employees.
We compiled lists and, by name, each of us received the necessary documents. Our staff can use public transport. For the trip, they submit a document on work in a logistics company.

What services did you have to close or limit the range of services provided during quarantine? 

– We continue to work and provide all the services that we have offered before now. All services for national delivery, international transport and custody, and warehouse logistics are available to new and existing customers. We are ready even now to expand our area to accept all applications, to provide high-quality service to each client in the volume he needs.

How did quarantine affect the quality and speed of service?

– We have taken all necessary measures to maintain the high quality of service. We maintain high speed at all stages of work – from receiving applications to shipment at the destination. We carry out our work in a timely manner, as clearly as possible. We make an additional call to the client to promptly report on the status of the goods, their location, confirm the readiness and completion of shipments. Feedback is now extremely important, both for confidence in the stable operation of the company, and for human communication and mutual support.

Alexander, I thank you for the answers. I wish UVK to remain strong and efficient, and see you soon! 

– I also thank you for the interesting conversation, I want to wish health to all partners, customers, colleagues, friends and every Ukrainian. I am a family man, family is very important, please take care of yourself for your family. We will surely defeat the coronavirus, quarantine will end, and we will again see many smiles temporarily hidden under masks. We are optimistic, keep calm and do logistics!