Goods, pallets, loaders, waybills, unloading, shipping, operating system, dates, fuel, salaries, accounting…. This is a lot of work, time, nerves, responsibility and, of course, money.  We consciously accept this work with customers for 18 years. The work is not only physical, but also moral, emotional, financial and time consuming. The part that usually slows down the development of customers’ business makes us endlessly seek optimization. In the development of the company, you need to have a few hands free, a few extra hours of time, a few cold heads for storming ideas, signing new contracts, expanding the market, calculating profitability. When we take your logistics outsourced, you can develop sales, marketing, business and earn more. Much more.

We are comprehensive outsourcing. We work so that you do not need to think about us constantly. We work in the way you are not distracted by logistics more than necessary. We have been doing this for 18 years.

Logistics is complicated, and we can manage it. We have a team of 500 people. We have thousands of square meters of warehouses. We manage fifteen hundred trucks and 23 representative offices in the country. We drove millions of kilometers of roads not only in our country, but also on international routes, transported millions of tons of cargo over the years of work. Fueled so many times that it would be just enough to fly into space on an intergalactic shuttle and return back. With us you can close your eyes and imagine that dozens of pallets of your cargo are stored in a warehouse under round-the-clock security, in a dedicated cell which is connected to a tracking and accounting system. The shelf life clearly controlled even without your participation. Upon request, the goods dispatched with all documents to a prescribed location within 12 to 24 hours.Each task will be completed in full. With precision, quality and on time.

And what if … And for this case we have an integrated synchronization system, where the location of the goods, its quantity and all details are precisely indicated.

If anything…. You can always check your application in your personal account, adapted even for mobile. Drink coffee – check the logistics on your smartphone, a couple of minutes and you know everything.

But what if … You can call your manager at any time, and he or she will solve everything.

If that … everything is insured and securely guarded, you can come and see, we will be glad to see you.

And if … We have an answer, a solution and an individual offer. Always.

And we have been working like this for 18 years.

How expensive are your services? We are definitely worth something. We are clearly talking about the price. We explain and argue each point in the price list. Like “build it yourself” pizza, the price varies from the selection of products you select. But in a pizzeria you may not be offered a bonus if you select all possible products in one piece of dough. Why should you trust us?Here it’s worth praising ourselves, saying that we are sustainable business, trusted by large companies, retail, manufacturers and importers.
But you will definitely not be satisfied with such a standard answer. You want personal guarantees. We are ready to give them to you.  Try our service; check our quality, speed and accuracy. We agree to go through a trial period to become partners for years to come.This way we have been working for 18 years.
Develop your business while we are doing your logistics.  Keep calm WE do logistics! UVK!