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Oleksandr Pitenko leaves the position of CEO after 16 years of effective management of the leading 3PL operator in Ukraine, continuing to remain a Shareholder of the company.

Alexander Nikolaevich thanked the team for the results of work, which he is proud of, and expressed deep gratitude to the partners for the invaluable experience of cooperation.

Evgeny Navrotsky becomes the new CEO of UVK from July 27. Evgeniy has successful experience in logistics in the following companies such as Gefco, FM Logistic, Agility.

UVK will continue its dynamic development as one of the leaders in Ukrainian logistics and will fulfill all its obligations in full at the highest professional level.

UVK Company expresses gratitude to Alexander Nikolaevich for unique competencies and support, as well as Eugene would like to wish success and achieve all the goals in the CEO position at the UVK!

UVK is a reliable partner for 100% logistics outsourcing!