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UVK Ukraine

UVK was established back in 2001 and today is the leading national logistics operator to provide integrated logistics solutions in Ukraine


Mission and Vision

Our Mission – assistance to Clients in business development through professional logisticss.

We aim at strengthening the leadership of our Clients, the majority of which are doing business in dynamically growing markets with severe competition. We are thankful to our Clients for their trust and believe.

Road to Success

The way success is to reach the goal

The secret of success of the individual is reflected in the accuracy and duration of ongoing operations. Progress towards your goal and success will be the development of their capabilities, talent.
Starting step by step to change and improve

Career UVK

UVK employer

Team UVK – it’s interesting, intelligent and developed people, professionals – united by common goals and values. One of the values of the company – a team basis and the corporate culture is UVK respect each person as an individual.

About UVK team

UVK operates in the market of professional logistics services in Ukraine since 2001, and has long established itself as one of the industry leaders. Of course, the result of the concerted efforts of our team members and partners who are working in different parts of our country. Pawn UVK success – community values in life.

The professionalism and relentless focus on continuous development of each team member UVK- is a guarantee of good results for our clients. Much has been done, but more needs to be done.



Alexander Pitenko General Director UVK told in an interview for logist.fm how was 2018 for Ukrainian logistics. How did the market change, and how did providers respond to these changes? He summed up the work of the company in 2018 and shared his experience in...

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UVK meets 2019 with a new corporate style

We are pleased to provide the highest quality service with a consistently friendly attitude. Employees of the company have chosen the main advertising messages, which they regularly implement. We are proud to see that our team want to make service with heart and soul,...

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